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EDL SKI is a new Swiss brand dedicated to ski lovers, combining elegant design, artisanal know-how and mountain lifestyle. 

We have accumulated more than thirty years of experience in the manufacture, graphic design, advice and sale of skis to create top-of-the-range products dedicated solely to the joy of skiing.

From the very beginning, we wanted to emphasize our Swiss roots by representing the Alps on our skis. Illustrated is the view from Villars - Les Diablerets, our heart base.

The edelweiss - or star of the glaciers - symbolic flower of our mountains, gave us its name to create EDL Weiss, Black, Cobalt, Red, Blue, Topaze, Carbon. (edel {German translation} noble)

EDL skis were dreamt-up, designed and conceived in Nyon, and in the Vaud Alps. A small-scale artisanal manufacturer makes them Italy, a few kilometers from the Swiss border. The high-performance sole and edges are finished in Villars-sur-Ollon. 

Emotion. Desire. Liberty.


Creative partners for many years, one sells skis, the other designs them. The first is bubbling with ideas. "Draw me some skis; they will be called Edelweiss! ". The second moderates; the brand will be called EDL. A daft but desperately exciting adventure was born. Their goal: to offer exclusive, competitive and beautiful skis. 

Francis Decroocq, the technician

Exuberant, imaginative, talkative, passionate. Winter sports are his domain. He discovers, tests, analyzes, advises, proposes, sharpens, waxes, without respite for more than thirty years. 

Directs and manages EDL SKI.

Vincent Zuppinger, the designer 

Vincent Zuppinger, the designer 

A graphic designer from the outset, he creates graphic identities, watch faces, boats, snowboards, shapes brand messages, catalogs, communication campaigns and even designs skis. 

Manages the design and administers EDL SKI.  


Luigi Venini, the builder 

Luigi Venini, the builder 

For almost forty-five years he has been designing, experimenting, fine-tuning and building gear that can slide on water or snow. Infinite experience and expertise. 

The guardian of EDL SKI quality.


Inspired by the summits and designed for the pleasure of sliding, our new collection will be available for all styles: normal slopes, slalom, giant, all mountain, and touring.

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